The metrics file holds functions and procedures that are used in the RuneMetrics interface.

The source for this file can be found here.

Consts, Types, Vars

The following constants, types and variables are used throughout the chatBox methods.

type TRSMetrics

  TRSMetrics = type TRSInterface;

A type that stores the metrics interface properties.

var metrics

  metrics: TRSMetrics;

A variable through which scripters can access the TRSMetrics type methods.

TRSMetrics methods

The following methods should be called through the metrics variable.


xp := metrics.getXP(1);
writeLn('Xp from top bar is:', xp);


procedure TRSMetrics.getXP(n: Integer);

Returns the XP amount on the xp bar n. The top bar is 1, the second is 2 etc. The metrics interface must be visible somewhere on the client, and cannot be in leightweight mode.


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metrics.getXP(1); // Returns XP for the top bar
metrics.getXP(2); // Returns XP for the 2nd bar down