What Is Simba?ΒΆ

Simba is a program used to repeat certain (complicated) tasks. Typically these tasks involve using the mouse and keyboard. Simba is programmable, which means you can design your own logic and steps that Simba will follow, based upon certain input.

This “input” can vary greatly; from data in files to colors and text on the screen.

Simba can:
  • Find and read colours on the screen.
  • Click or move the mouse to a specific position on the screen. Typically this is the position of a found color or bitmap.
  • Read text on the screen and turn it into actual text. (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Capture and analyse images on the screen.
  • Read and write files.
  • Connect to the internet to read websites and post data to them.
  • Run pascal programs for you. If you’re a bit creative you can have a lot of fun stuff with Simba, you could even make a game in it!

and more. Start now by Installing simba.

Currently Simba is still in its beta stages; this includes the documentation. You will probably notice some parts of the documentation aren’t finished or are just plain missing.

Simba is being updated almost every day. To see changes as they are added, view https://github.com/MerlijnWajer/Simba.

If you want to know more about Simba, see Why Simba?