Getting Started with Simba

This page will help you install Simba and highlight some basic Simba features.

Installing simba

Installing Simba is pretty straightforward and will only take a couple of minutes.

Simba installer

Everyone can get Simba at

Go to Download and download the Simba installer.

Once it is done downloading, simply run the installer, follow the steps and please make notice of the following note:


Simba will install to C:/ by default; if you want to install it somewhere else, make sure you select a different location! If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, then you will probably want to install it to C:/ or another place; as long as writing in the actual directory does not require administrator permissions. C:/ is a safe bet.

You can install Simba to your Program Files directory, but you will have to run Simba as administrator in that case.

Simba will probably tell you there is an update available. In this case, an update button will appear. Click it and the Simba Updater will show up. Alternatively you can update Simba using Tools -> Update which will update Simba if there is a new update available.


Updating Simba as soon as an update is released is recommended.

Portable Simba Installation

To get a portable installation at this time is not supported but will follow sooner or later.

Setting up SRL 4 with Simba

SRL has been deprecated starting January 2012.

Setting up SRL 5 with Simba

If you were using the Simba installer then you can simply enable the SRL Updater extension. (Go to View -> Extensions and enable

See Simba Extensions for more information on (other) Simba extensions.

This is the only supported way. You can simply do a git clone on the srl repository, but if you can do that, then you should be able to set up SRL yourself as well.

Installing scripts

Scripts can be downloaded with the Script Manager, in Tools -> Script Manager.


The Script Manager is not finished yet.


If you run into problems that are not mentioned here, make sure you look at the Troubleshooting page.